Doubles Silk in OrbitAs an Aerial Arts Coach as well as a Certified Personal Trainer and lifelong dancer/ choreographer, Mandy is passionate about the inner workings of the body and using mind-body connections to work smart and achieve strength and ease in movement. She offers private and group instruction in aerial and ground disciplines, with an emphasis on efficient movement patterns and creative pathways to movement, building innovations from known skills, and exploring unknown possibilities.

Mandy’s teaching home is Frequent Flyers Productions of Boulder, CO, where she is a Performance Company member and coach to aerialist from pre-k to pre-professional. She particularly enjoys teaching technique, conditioning, and act creation in FFP’s Professional Track Intensive Training Program, and in their Kids Who Fly Program for at-risk youth.

Mandy is available for workshops and private bookings locally, nationally, and internationally. Get in touch Here.

Apparatus Possibilites.



Aerial Fabric / Tissu

Aerial Rope / Corde Lisse

Aerial Net

Lyra / Trapeze Partnering

New / Novel Apparatus Vocab Creation

Ground Skills (dance, dance-inspired partner work)


Selected Topic Possibilites:

Finding Your Flow: Building Blocks to Movement in the Air (any apparatus)

Conditioning for Superheroes: Building toward Those Big Strength Moves (Ground and air, any apparatus)

Conditioning for Lovely Lines (ground and air, any apparatus)

Lyra Technique and Innovation

Fabric Technique and Innovation

Rope Technique and Innovation

Everything Old is New Again: How to use Skills You Know to Make new Innovative Vocabulary (any apparatus)

Investigative Aerialist: How to Find Your Creative Genius and Inner Inventor (any apparatus)

Act Building Blocks (any apparatus)

Roll, Flip, Slide: Aerial Momentum (lyra, rope, or fabric)

Ground It: Skills for Moving Without an Apparatus In Hand (just the floor, baby)

Apparatus Waltz: How to Use Your Apparatus as a Dance Partner (any apparatus)

*This is just a few of many. For a full list of workshop descriptions or to request a topic, please get in touch Here.