Mandy’s compositions take place in a world thick with ritual and altered possibilities. They might happen just about any place – from the theater to the circus to a nearby tree or a coffee shop. She has used her incisive choreographic eye to help bring productions to fruition in partnership with companies from dance to circus to theater to hybrid forms of all stripes. She has an abiding obsession with tying herself in knots, with bird women, with unexpected intimacies, with following the thread of a question way too far, with the subterranean and the monstrous.

Selected Work:

“Acceptance” music video in collaboration with Miles Wilder (music) and Meri Burgess (film).

“Illuminated Liminal” Dance Film in collaboration with Miles Wilder (music/cinematography).

“Water from A Stone: Trio” Music: Miles Wilder. Performers: Alysha Perrin, Maya Muenzer, Mandy Hackman

“Circus Up! Live Improvisation #1”: Music: Miles Wilder Performers: Mandy Hackman, Laura Kathrein

Rope Angel, from “Birds of Paradise / The Offing.” Sound: Michael Feld. Performer: Larissa Sheldon

Knot Score, from “Birds of Paradise / The Offing.” Sound: Michael Feld Performers: Larissa Sheldon, Mandy Hackman, Elena Callahan